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تعاریف  چامع پیاده مدار ( پیاده پذیر) به نقل از فرسیت و سایت ورت [1] برای اطلاع خوانندگان عزیز به نقل از ژورنال طراحی شهری در این پست آورده شده است.

                                Walkable =  encouraging physical activity  

                  – Walkable = close: A walkable environment involves a short distance to a destination, particularly where driving is inconvenient or people are without cars—this is the perspective in transportation planning. This definition has a great deal to do with an individual’s cost-benefits calculation—are the costs of driving or taking transit great enough to provoke an individual to walk?

·                – Walkable = barrier-free: A walkable environment is traversable, without major barriers. Walkability can be refined to mean traversable to children, elderly, handicapped or those wearing high heels.

·                – Walkable= safe: A walkable environment is safe in terms of perceived crime or perceived traffic.

·                –Walkable  = full of pedestrian infrastructure and destinations: A walkable environment visibly displays full pedestrian infrastructure such as sidewalks or separated trails, marked pedestrian crossings, street furniture and street trees.

·               –Walkableupscale, leafy, or cosmopolitan: A walkable place is somewhere that the pedestrian environment is pleasant for upper middle-class professionals, who have other choices for getting around. This is the perspective in much popular and architectural commentary. Such places have several of the following dimensions: an area with coffee shops and interesting stores; a mix of housing types including apartments and condominiums; a grid street pattern and full pedestrian infrastructure including pleasant tree-lined or architecturally interesting streets; well-maintained or scenic green spaces with clear pedestrian paths; a lack of litter, graffiti and obviously down-and-out people.

Finally, there should be transit or taxis in case interest lapses. This type of walking is not necessarily brisk.

[1] FORSYTH ANN & SOUTHWORTH MICHAEL( 2008), Cities Afoot—Pedestrians, Walkability and Urban Design, Journal of Urban Design, Vol. 13. No. 1, 1–3, February 2008

سلام، به عابر-شهر خوش آمدید. اینجا وبگاه شخصی سید محمد مهدی معینی فارغ التحصیل دکترای شهرسازی با گرایش برنامه ریزی شهری از دانشگاه نیوکاسل-انگلستان است. تحصیل و زندگی در شهرهای اروپایی و آمریکای شمالی همراه با بیش از 20سال سابقه کار اجرایی و پژوهشی در مدیریت شهر تهران تجربه ای بس گرانقدر است که امیدوارم بتوانم از این طریق حاصل آنرا به دیگران انتقال دهم.